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Tyler Fox

Tyler Stevens
Currently living in Toronto, but travels a lot and enjoys meeting new people. Tyler has been modeling for a few years, mostly fitness, commercial, lingerie and swimwear. She enjoys the promotional side as well, has participated as spokesmodel at many trade shows, some F1 and Indy events, and has been interested in the adult world for quite some time. She says; "My friends and family describe me as 'surprisingly quiet' ... I suppose you could say I only come out of my shell when I feel it's safe to let loose!"

Visit Tyler at www.tylerstevenslive.com

If a guy wanted to meet a stunningly gorgeous girl such as yourself, what would be the best place to meet you?

The best place to meet me would be in a relaxed atmosphere, anywhere you would go with your friends just to hang out and be yourself .. Sunday-Morning-Brunch type of feel

Can you recount a time when you were approached by a stranger and you were immediately attracted to him? What did he say or do that made you respond so favourably?

Near the end of my first year of college a guy approached me after a computer class, he said I was pretty, and wanted to know if I could "help him out". I thought he was going to ask me out after 3 seconds of meeting me, so you can imagine the eye roll I was holding back ! Anyway, I kinda just stood there in front of him waiting for a silly pick up line, then he says to me;"My little brother was visiting the campus last week and we saw you in the cafeteria, he said he wished he could ask you to prom....Ummm, would you EVER would consider being his date?" He was nervous and blushing and I was instantly charmed, what a thoughtful thing to do for his little bro!

What kind of guys do you fall for? What are the most important attributes that you look for in a man?

When a man is self-confident (without being cocky ) it is very appealing. I like gentlemen with a good sense of humour and a little spontaneity, AND of course I have to be able to introduce you to Mom without having any worries!

Describe your perfect first date

A late afternoon lunch in a stylish but relaxed restaurant. The person I am with has cleared their schedule and we are not on any time limits. A glass of wine and some nice food ... If the sun goes down and we are still lounging around talking - then it's been a great first date!

What don’t men understand about women that you really wish they did?

That no matter how many other women are chasing after you, we want to feel needed, like we are the only person on the planet that you are meant to be with. Women want to be a source of strength at the same time as being treated like princesses.

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