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Recommended reading

The Game
By Neil Strauss

Are you just another AFC ("average frustrated chump") trying to meet an HB ("hot babe")? How would you like to "full-close" with a Penthouse Pet of the Year? The answers, my friend, are in Neil Strauss's entertaining book The Game. Strauss was a self-described chick repellant--complete with large, bumpy nose, small, beady eyes, glasses, balding head, and, worst of all, painful shyness around women. He felt like "half a man." That is, until a book editor asked him to investigate the community of pickup artists. Strauss's life was transformed. He spent two years bedding some fine chiquitas and studying with some of the North America's most suave gents--including the best of them all, the God of the pickup "community," a man named Mystery.

The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide
By Dr. Brett Tate

The Art of the Pickup involves analyzing your target, determine her values, beliefs and weaknesses, and role-playing her desires. Sexual Persuasion occurs by stimulating her subconscious emotions and desires. You create value and scarcity for yourself, remove her barriers, build trust, and initiate the close. The best Pickup Artists are teasingly cocky, have a cutting sense of humor, and the poise to pull it off with class.

The Mystery Method
By Mystery

Never at risk of being called humble, Mystery (aka Erik von Markovik), heralded as one of the best pick-up artists in the country, has created a science of seduction. His meticulously researched system, the "Mystery Method," offers advice to men of every ilk, along with complex charts, social science jargon (e.g., Dynamic Social Homostasis and DHV—Demonstrations of Higher Value) and potty humor Mystery comes off as forceful, provocative and excessively arrogant, but one thing is clear: he's good at what he does. You'll laugh, you'll scoff, but in the end, you'll probably learn something.

Guerrilla Dating Tactics
by Sharyn Wolf

In this plucky, commonsensical guide, pyschotherapist Wolf ( 50 Ways to Find a Lover ) offers lonely singles a host of strategies for finding people to date, gettting past the first date and proceeding to romance. Lighthearted and often humorous, Wolf's advice is substantive nonetheless: her general points include how to communicate (through words and body language), how to flirt and how to cope with social events. Then there are the specifics: techniques for placing and perusing personal ads, finding support, rejecting unwanted beaus and deciding who should pay for what on dates. Her advice comes guaranteed: the publisher promises to refund the price of the book to any reader who does not get at least one date in the year after purchase. At the very least, readers will find an evening's entertainment in Wolf's encouraging company.

The Divorced Guy's Guide to Dating
by Lexie Karlsen

Interested in learning how to flirt with finesse, dress for dates and even give a great gift? Ready to go from single to satisfied -- and satifying? Think only billionaires date babes? Playboy Playmate Lexie Karlsen offers the low-down on looking for love with tools and tips to help recently divorced men succeed in a dazzling way. You'll find information about fashion, flirting, improving your physical appearance and fine-tuning your emotional well being. This is the typical "self-help, how-to" guide written by a guy who thinks he's got game? Think again! The Divorced Guy's Guide to Dating: How to Meet More Women is written by a glamorous girl who's worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Lexie shares tips for re-entering the land of dating that you won't find anywhere else.

God Is A Woman: Dating Disasters
by R. Gregory Alonzo

He has a threesome with divine Dixie twins in Atlanta. Women try to run him over in their cars in Albuquerque. He has sex with a sexy University of Michigan law student on a lawn by Wrigley Field right after a Cubs game. Women hide from him in the restroom, waiting for him to leave the bar. He nearly gets kicked out of the Mall of America when he and his date get on the mini golf course and... Wherever comedian Ian Coburn is, he seems to have some misadventure with a woman--sometimes good, so metimes bad, but always funny. He shares how he went from dud to stud; from being inept with women to talking to lingerie models into giving him a private lingerie show in their hotel room. You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll come away entertained and knowledgeable, whether you're a guy or a woman.

Seduce Me! What Women Really Want
by R. Gregory Alonzo

Why do some men score with women while others only fantasise? Men who are successful with women know that scoring is not only knowing how, it's knowing when....Full of much needed advice and hilarious relationship scenarios; these questions and more are answered in "Seduce Me! What Women Really Want," the latest best-seller by R. Gregory Alonzo

Internet Dating:
by Roman Griffen

If there was ever to be a definitive text on the Internet dating scene, this would be it. A straightforward commentary, filled with insight, by an author who not only researched the scene but was actually a part of it. The information within will make your Internet dating experience a much smoother ride and save you much time by letting you know what to look for and what to avoid to make the experience fun and above all safe. If you're serious about placing an ad on a web-personals site, this book is a "must have."

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter
by W. Bruce Cameron

A comic survival guide to being a parent of teenage daughters, Bruce Cameron's book started life in 1995 as a wildly, and accidentally, successful Internet column. In short, sharply observed vignettes, he touches a middle-aged-male nerve by describing the rage and bewilderment of having little girls turn into teenage monsters, but every complaint is punctured by a self-deprecating regular-guy-in-a-mad-world irony. There are helpful hints (or rather, unhelpful ones, because Cameron admits that nothing will make any difference) for coping with the telephone, clothes, parties, car you used to own, and boyfriend you don't want her to hang around with.

How to Get Laid Today! The System
by Roy Valentine;

The System - How to Get Laid TODAY! offers a unique approach to getting laid. Instead of giving generic rules and macho advice about dating and women. This book gives specific step-by-step instructions on how to get laid the same day you meet the girl.

How To Succeed With Women
by Anthony F. Badalamenti

HOW TO SUCCEED WITH WOMEN tells men what it is in their makeup that women are looking for. It shows men how to make it obvious to the women they wish to connect with. This is a major advance past what is already known about female psychology. The book uses exercises -- at the end of most chapters -- to work the material into the reader and make him ready to live the material that creates success. The exercises are an enjoyable mix of neurolinguistic programming and visualization, crafted to awaken the reader to his winning ways. This book is rich in fresh material on both the male and the female. Its chapter by chapter rehearsals of the things that work return the reader to life ready to succeed. It is written to bring effective new knowledge and skill to the reader in a way that feels easy and natural.

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